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Aug 31, 2014

SO I bought my air ticket to NYC….


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Anonymous said: ahhhh, I'm so in love with KNTM too. I'm so happy this season is subbed & the fact that it's guys/girls makes it so much better! the taeeun x cheolwoo bromance is so cute, but I'm low-key wanting taeeun & gippeum to have a shoot together (unless my eyes are failing me, they're together next episode??) because their features are so strong and sldgjhsdg <3 ugh, waiting a week for a new episode is such torture. this addiction, man T___T

haha, I am so in love with it!! And the subs are awesome! Gippeum is an awesome woman! I dunno if they were shooting together since I was busy LOL at the dresses! Yeah both their cheekbones are to die for!!! I always end up rewatching the raws till the subs come out…hahaha…but yaay! more fans to know! 

Aug 30, 2014


This is currently my FAVE show! Korea’s Top Model and has guys and girls!!! 

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Aug 30, 2014

My fave OTP! 

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Guess who I ship?

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Currently my fave boy. 

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Zankyou no terror 5 was whoa. This anime feels like a long movie that got cut up into episodes.

Jul 23, 2014

I really like roommate…it’s a very chilled kind of variety show you seldom see in Korean variety…but I don’t know why K-netizens are hating on it, or why people don’t seem to be watching it (low ratings). Personally, I do think the PDs should cut the duration in half. 

Anyway let’s talk about Nana…I love Nana since I first saw her. She is beautiful even before she got voted 2nd most beautiful woman…Anyway it seems she gets a lot of haters because she is kinda spoilt…but come on! I think 80% of girls who grew up in developed countries are spoilt! And she’s not selfish or rude or unkind….so what’s the deal here.

Personally, I think all this hate started because she was voted #2 most beautiful woman in the world…although that poll really got her more noticed and more work, it also resulted in alot of hate from other fandoms who think their girl group member is prettier than her. 

Once you don’t like someone, everything she does seems irritating to you…anyway I think her haters are really just jealous of her gorgeousness and how popular she is with guys. 

Anyway…I hope Roommate doesn’t get cut…as I have already said on Twitter….the PDs should cut the duration in half and let the guys like Chanyeol/Kang Jun/ Dong Wook/minwoo/ even Mama Shin….walk around the house topless, because that is what guys do at home, anyway, right ???